We’ve been talking about sales compensation for years. Since my first PPS Conference way back in 2006, I’ve heard speaker after speaker talk about the need to align sales compensation with a company’s pricing and profitability objectives. I’ve also heard of the headaches, frustrations and obstacles that sales compensation plans create for pricing professionals. So we are finally going to talk about ‘The White Elephant in the Room’…Sales Compensation.

In this Keynote presentation, we will review the historic disconnect between pricing and sales compensation. We will look at what is happening in the world of sales compensation and the opportunities this presents for us. In addition, experiences and lessons learned will be shared in how to get sales compensation aligned with pricing

Attendees will learn:

  • Why sales compensation plans make our job so difficult
  • What can be done to better align sales compensation with pricing
  • Insights into what works and does not work when aligning sales compensation with pricing
  • The role of the Pricing Professional in sales compensation


The White Elephant in the Room: Sales Compensation

Larry Montan, Director, Pricing and Profitability Management Practice Deloitte Consulting

Larry has over 30 years of experience working with sales and marketing organizations in the areas of customer profitability, pricing, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

His areas of expertise span pricing organization and governance, organizational change and adoption, and sales force effectiveness. Larry reports that companies are increasingly looking for insights on how they can best organize their pricing function and resources.

He is a frequent speaker for the Professional Pricing Society on topics ranging from “Successful Adoption Practices in Pricing Transformations,” to “Aligning Sales Incentives with Price Execution” and “Is there a Career in Pricing?”